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flexible cancellation conditions
Travel precautions and cancellation conditions

Dear guests,

we are looking forward to welcoming and pampering you soon.

Exceptional situations call for exceptions and therefore we have extended our cancellation conditions.

2G rule as of 08.11.2021
  • Proof of vaccination through vaccination certificate, vaccination card or green passport.
    • Vaccinated people count towards 2G status as soon as they have received the second vaccination and this has not been longer than 9 months ago.
  • Proof of convalescence by means of a segregation order from the district administration (valid for 6 months)
    • Persons who have survived a Corona disease in the last 6 months are considered to be recovered.
    • A convalescence certificate or a medical confirmation of an infection that has been overcome in the last 180 days, which has been confirmed by means of a PCR test or a notification of isolation, is considered as convalescent.
    • Please note that later proof of neutralising antibodies will not be recognised!
For children under 12 years of age, the status of the parents applies.

There is no mask obligation in the Austrian hotel industry!


Cancellation free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival if you yourself have tested positive for COVID-19 (presentation of a positive PCR test result required) or you are in quarantine due to contact person (K1) (with valid segregation notice).


Should one of these cases occur, we will cancel your booking free of charge. Vaccinated you are considered K2 without quarantine.

General cancellation conditions

If something comes up, you can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 40 days before arrival.

If you have to cancel later, we will charge you the following amount

from 39 to 31 days before arrival 40 % of the tour price

from 30 to 8 days before arrival 70 % of the tour price

from 7 days before arrival or in case of no-show 90 % of the tour price as cancellation fee.

A booking is a contract. By cancellation, late arrival and departure prior maturity cancellation fees will be charged. We do understand changes due to personal reasons (illness, accidents,..) for that reason we suggest you the European Travel insurance.




Do you have to cancel or break off a trip because of Covid-19? Then the European travel insurance (when taking out a Hotel Cancellation Plus or Hotel Cancellation Premium insurance) will pay the cancellation and trip interruption fees in the following cases


– If you fall ill with Covid-19 (before the start of the trip or on vacation)

– If a close relative or someone living with you in your household falls ill with Covid-19 and your presence at home is urgently needed

– If you have a fever and suspected corona, even if your test result is negative later.

– If you have a positive test result without symptoms

– If a close relative in the shared household is ill and you have to be quarantined


Not covered are cancellation fees

– if you are classified as a risk person and do not want to travel for fear of infection

– if you do not make the trip because you would have to go into an officially imposed quarantine when you return

– in the event of border closures, officially imposed hotel closures, lock down by the government in the event of a second wave.


Please remember that the insurance has to be taken out immediately with your deposit to the hotel or with the hotel’s firm commitment, otherwise the insurance is only valid 10 days after conclusion.


BUT: Should there be a second wave with governmental hotel lock down, no cancellation fees will be charged by our hotel.


To avoid financial losses in such an event, we recommend you take out a travel cancellation insurance. Our partner is the European Travel Insurance, which provides various insurance policies to suit your needs.


Below you find further information regarding the insurance policy.


European Travel Insurance Company

Please note that you have to take out the insurance policy immediately, once the booking has been definitely confirmed. Otherwise, the insurance may not provide coverage until 10 days after the policy has been taken out.

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