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Salzburg mountain game

A playful hiking experience based around the “Benevolent Queen and her six noblemen.”

“Once upon a time” – once upon a time…

Who doesn’t know them – all the beautiful fairy tales and stories? And so begins the new hiking experience for adults and children. Adults and children follow in the footsteps of the benevolent queen and her six noblemen and discover the story behind the petrified giants.

The individual hiking experience, Exclusively for our guests.

Before the adventure starts you will need a summit box. We will provide you with the most important utensils for the Salzburg summit game:

a tour book, a hiking map and a drinking cup with carabiner.
After a successful ascent, have your “summit victory” stamped in the summit book. Only those who have climbed all the summits secure a reward at the end, which is available from the tourist office.


Important: An individual ritual has been developed for each mountain, which hikers can read about in the summit book. This ritual is to be understood as an invitation to connect with the mountain as a special place.


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